What is truck platooning?

Truck platooning has been used for several years as a way for moving a group or platoon of vehicles together. These trucks come along with state of the art driving support systems and involve smart technology that enables them to communicate with each other. This method has been highly recommended due to many reasons. Firstly, it helps in increasing the capacity of roads and also decreases the distance between different vehicles by using electronic and mechanical coupling. Therefore, the vehicles will be able to accelerate or brake at the same time. Due to this reason, truck platooning has proved to improve traffic safety. Along with this, you will also notice that less amount of petrol would also be consumed along with lesser carbon dioxide emissions which is beneficial for our environment.

You will be shocked to find out that truck platooning is not only vital for the transport sector, but it has also helped in optimizing the labour market, industry and logistics. Different companies and government sectors of Europe and the United States are keen on working with the truck platooning field. The U.K. government was also found to allocate $11 million for the smooth functioning of the truck platooning trials. Furthermore, it was decided that a driver will always be on duty to take control of the vehicles in case of emergency.


Benefits of truck platooning

Now we shall discuss the positive impacts of truck platooning on our environment and society. There is no doubt about the fact that truck platooning will help in making our road transport a lot more cleaner and safer in the future. As vehicles will be driving close together at a constant speed without braking or accelerating, therefore less petrol will be consumed. The carbon dioxide emission will decrease by 10 per cent since these trucks are designed in such a way that all the elements that promote CO2 emissions will be worked on.

It has been observed that most of the accidents that occur on the roads take place due to human errors. As these are conventional trucks, therefore we won’t have to worry about any accidents happening due to the driver’s lack of concentration. Thus, in this way, other vehicles on the road would also be safe from any accidents. In addition to this, the roads will be used more effectively, and there won’t be as many traffic jams as there are today.

You will be delightful to find out that truck platooning also offers great business benefits as well. The logistic process will become more efficient. You will also notice that the labour market would be optimized and more job opportunities would be available. Truck platooning has also proven to be a safer option for transport companies as their work will flow smoothly without any fear. It has been observed that drivers of trucks are usually not doing much work but with truck platooning there will be a lot of work on their shoulders and they will be busy in making calls or doing other administrative tasks.

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