Logistics services

All fresh logistics.

The food and beverage industry is one of the most important and dynamic industrial sectors in Europe. That is why Swiss Air & Road Cargo AG also specializes in conditioned transport, with temperatures ranging from -20°C to +20°C.

Our experience
Market knowledge
Extensive fleet of truck
Adapted material for conditioned transport

Thanks to our experience, market knowledge, extensive fleet of trucks and the adapted material for conditioned transport, we are capable of offering not only high-quality services but also specific commercial and operational actions. With our multi-consumer distribution network we offer numerous options for products, traders and large supermarkets, which cannot be reached via a purely dedicated transport.


Medic logistics.

High-quality and refrigerated transports.

In the "pharma & healthcare" sector, Swiss Air & Road Cargo AG becomes a European player in the field of high-quality and refrigerated transports. By making investments aimed at the customer's wishes, medic logistics focuses on European producers and traders with high-quality requirements. Customer-oriented thought-out procedures are the key elements. Thanks to the constant monitoring of our vehicles via a GPS system and also the monitoring of the temperatures of the refrigerated trailers, we offer a certainty for the integrity of every type of medicine.

Dedicated logistics.

The dedicated branch within Swiss Air & Road Cargo AG provides tailor-made transport and warehouse activities. The customers are varied from small, medium-sized to large companies. Logistics is often not their core business and needs support, procedures, flexibility and quality. Thanks to outsourcing their projects, we can provide these customers with a competitive advantage, both internationally and nationally.

General cargo logistics.

LTL Less Than Truckloads - FTL Full Truckloads.

In our range of services you will find both FTL (Full Truck Loads) transports and LTL (Less Than Truckload) transports. Both can be booked on an ad hoc basis. But we also discuss a regular customized transport package of full loads or consignment units. We are happy to inform and advise you about our various distribution options. Ask for a quote without obligation.


Swiss Air & Road Cargo AG has an extensive network at its disposal in all of Europe. A "Cargo Network" that bundles the competences of leading medium-sized logistics service providers, putting a very extensive European grouping platform at the disposal of its customers. In the area of groupage, Swiss Air & Road cargo AG wants to be one of the largest in Europe and we focus on the continuous improvement of our services, also by adding a specific value as customs clearance.

High value cargo.

Because the average value of cargoes and loads is increasing, the demand for secured transport for these high-quality and theft-sensitive cargoes and loads has increased spectacularly. That is why Swiss Air & Road cargo AG has decided to offer its services in these niches, thanks to a combination of young technological equipped trucks and customized security procedures.

GPS / GPRS in all vehicles and trailers.
Drivers specially trained for "High Value Cargo" transport.
24/7 panic button.
Modern certified locks.
On-board cameras.
Detailed route planning with possibility for geo and route fencing.
Locked trailer doors, to be opened by means of GPRS.
SARC Express Security Manager. Double-manned trucks.