Logistics Management

4 PL & logistics consulting.

Fourth Party Logistics Service Provider

Swiss Air & Road Cargo AG is more than just a forwarder. A 4PL is a chain director who seeks the best solution for the supply chain of its customer. Coordination of logistical processes in a network of organizations with product flows, where more and more flexibility is required, is complex.

With its 4PL concepts, Swiss Air & Road Cargo AG brings together the best and most suitable logistics parties and integrates these services into a total solution. In addition to the physical flows, we provide information, financial and legal flows for you. Curious about the possibilities? Contact one of our employees. Look at the advantages below offered to you by Swiss Air & Road Cargo AG with its 4PL concepts.


Concentration on core business

Reducing management issues

Increasing purchasing power and flexibility

No personnel, capacity and space problems

Improving quality logistics


Reduced investments in employees, space and resources, and reduced related costs

Process improvement possibilities


Reduction of the number of suppliers

Great reliability, security and service orientation

Specialization knowledge / expertise

Airfreight logistics.

Swiss Air & Road Cargo AG is also your partner for air freight services. We offer you many possibilities to transport your shipments quickly.

Air freight is a very efficient means and extremely suitable when you have limited time to transport your shipments. Our Team members are ready for you worldwide and coordinate your air freight shipments within our network, which consists of more than 200 branches. As a result, your goods reach their right destination in time. If you choose Swiss Air & Road Cargo AG, you opt for personal attention, quality, safety and security.

We are capable of offering not only high-quality services but also specific commercial and operational actions. With our multi-consumer distribution network we offer numerous options for products, traders and large supermarkets, which cannot be reached via a purely dedicated transport.

Air transport services.

Airport to airport concepts
Direct flights
Indirect flights
Weekend consolidation
Air & Road combination
Warehousing (storage & distribution possibilities)
Customs service
Technology SARC-TMS

Service express.

Always ready!

Our courier service "Express Service Europe" is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week ready to respond to any urgent transport needs of our customers. It is a "fast service" in the full sense of the word. Within half an hour we offer a concrete solution and quote for every urgent transport problem. All shipments can be tracked in real time thanks to our track & trace system.

Tailor-made solutions in critical situations.
Ultimate solution when speed is the only factor.
Single point of contact: one call, one company.
Real-Time status/location of your shipment.
Immediate solutions anywhere in Europe.
Within max. 30 min you have a solution & price.
Satellite tracking & communication.
A young team with experts.
A well maintained car park in our own garage.
24/7 available.

Small Van

1,4 m3

450 kg

Large Van

8,6 m3

1000 kg

Box Van

16 m3

1300 kg

Small Truck

31 m3

3000 kg

Large Truck

42 m3

10000 kg

Truck - Trailer

84 m3

24000 kg

E-service Swiss Air & Road Cargo - TMS.

Online services for logistics.

By integrating all our e-Services into one portal, we have developed our most advanced logistics solution ever. Meet E -Services by S.A.R.C. your one-stop shop to manage and optimize your supply chain. From Tracking and Scheduling to Booking and Reporting, you can find everything in e-Services by S.A.R.C. database.

Company information Brexit

On 12 April 2019 the event of a hard Brexit, the United Kingdom is set to leave the EU. As partner of your logistics process, Swiss Air and Road Cargo AG would like to inform you about necessary measures to be taken within the supply chain, in order to avoid shipping delays.

To make this process as simple as possible, you can fill in all the necessary information of your company and your end-customer to decrease the impact on your supply chain.