Logistic Outsourcing: A strategic alternative

Outsource or not? It is the question that many companies question today.

Logistic outsourcing refers to the practice by which a company delegates all or part of the logistics activity to another specialized company. This type of outsourcing of services is becoming more frequent, especially among small and medium companies, but do we know what are the benefits that this practice offers for our company?

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The advantages of logistic outsourcing

Costs reduction

Many small and medium enterprises do not have the technical and economic means to carry out the transport tasks. That is why they delegate this function to external logistics companies. These specialized companies have all the appropriate infrastructure throughout the entire supply chain, from the supply of materials to the distribution to the final point of consumption.

This is an advantage since companies do not have to reimburse infrastructure, reducing investment risk.

Concentration in the main activity of the company

Granting logistics tasks to a specialized company allows companies to concentrate on the main objectives of their business. In this way, companies can focus on doing what they like the best within their own enterprise. Which means an increase in profitability and business development.

Entrust in the hands of professionals

Outsourcing logistics tasks to companies dedicated exclusively to the transport of freights is always a safe bet. These types of companies have the necessary experience, providing skill and security. This know-how guarantees an efficient management of our company’s logistics.


Convert fixed costs into variable costs

For some companies, logistics work is only carried out for specific projects. Therefore, when hiring the services of a company specialized in logistics, the fixed expenses become variable expenses.

This in turn is an advantage because it avoids maintaining necessary personnel only in specific periods. And therefore the training and the continuous training of the personnel is dispensed with.

The transformation of fixed costs into variable costs also allows the company to respond more quickly to changes in the environment.

Time reduction

Both the acquisition of the necessary infrastructure for the transport of freights, as well as the training of the employees would suppose a considerable investment of time. And since time is synonymous with money, it would be convenient to reduce time. For this, the best option would be to contract logistics services to a specialized company.

With the help of our highly trained team, from Swiss Air & Road Cargo GMBH, we ensure the correct management of logistics operations according to the demands of our customers.


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