How to protect high value cargo?

Protecting high value cargo has become one of the most major concerns for various logistics teams. Cargo theft has become one of the top threats for the supply chain businesses. This problem is not limited to high value goods anymore, because lower value goods and less protected cargoes have also become a tempting target.

As globalization is increasing at a consistent rate, this is also increasing the number of freights which are going to be shipped across international boundaries. Ultimately, it is also increasing the risks of thefts and losses. In 2015, a wave of cargo vessel captures in the Asia Pacific region has resulted in millions of liters of oil and, to a slighter extent, chemicals, being mislaid to the black market. To ensure security and reduce other cargo accidents it is always important to pay attention on high value cargo protection measures.

Best ways to protect your high value cargo

Do you want to know how to protection your high value cargo in the best possible way? Here are some ways to consider in this regard:

Invest in the right tools

If your carriers are going to transport high value or oversized items, then it is important to invest in the right tools. There are plenty of technologies and tools available which are meant to transport fragile and oversized items. These tools come with much more than few extra straps to secure your high value cargo during a transit.

Train your team

Train your entire team to let them know more about high value cargo and how to treat them. This training may include to know how to load or unload these and how to secure them properly. Make them sure to follow the procedures properly.

Route planning

This is one of the most effective and good standard operating procedure to consider, no matter what is the value of your cargo. But this is highly important when you are transporting a high value cargo. Planning routes will not only help you to increase efficiency and time but it can also help you to ensure cargo security in the best possible way.

Park your trucks tail to tail only

This is the simplest formula for carriers to consider. If you need to take a break and you are away from your own base then make sure to stop at the locations where you can find plenty of trucks pulled up. Train your drivers to have a break tail to tail to ensure security in a more effective way. this will not only ensure security from theft but will also help you to keep your trailer safe in a perfect way.


All and all, security incidents of high value cargo can bring devastating consequences for their carriers even the ones too who are insured properly, because insurance policies are not covering much of the loss usually. Therefore, to lessen the risks of your high value goods loss or theft, or even accidents, it is important to pay attention on protecting your high value cargo with a company with great experience in shipping this kind of goods. In Swiss Air & Road Cargo, we use a combination of young technological equipped trucks and customized security procedures to offer the maximum protection for your freights. Contact us and ask for a quote without obligation!


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