How to prevent damage in the transport of fragile goods

The transport of fragile goods requires special attention. Since, due to its vulnerability, this type of goods is frequently damaged. To prevent possible troubles in delivery, it is essential that shipping companies follow certain precautions in the transportation of these products.

Today we will deal with 5 basic measures to avoid the deterioration of fragile goods in transport.

Follow these simple keys to ensure that your order reaches its destination safe and sound! And avoid possible setbacks with your customers!

5 basic measures of damage prevention for the transport of fragile goods

1. The right packaging

The packaging provides the protection of the goods during transport. Therefore, the quality of the container must be taken into account. The most common material are corrugated cardboard boxes, resistant to the weight of the contents. It is recommended that the size of the container be appropriate to the size of the freight. This is essential since we must ensure that there are no free spaces, preventing hits or displacements.
If it is a fragile freight, it must be correctly marked so that it is identified and manipulated with the security and attention it requires.

2. Palletization

In addition to allowing a reduction of costs and time in the loading and unloading, the palletization guarantees a system of greater subjection, increasing the security of the freight. Check that the pallets are in good condition and correctly wrapped, so that they do not move and come into contact with each other, being able to damaging the freight.

3. Employee training

Both loading and unloading, as well as the transportation of goods, can be an arduous task. Either by monotoneity or by wanting to gain time, workers can dispense with certain safety measures, which can harm the good conservation of the goods. Therefore, an adequate training of employees is required as a quality control measure, avoiding a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

4. The adequate means of transport

Depending on the type of freight and the urgency of the shipment, one type of transport or another must be used, so it is essential that the transport company has a large fleet of vehicles. In the case of land transport vehicles, care should be taken to ensure that the freight is well balanced and that they have pneumatic suspension. This will prevent an unforeseen event on the road from deteriorating the freight.

5. Protection from extreme temperatures

It is recommended that the freight trailer be well ventilated, and that the most sensitive materials be provided with impermeable material or use desiccants to combat humidity. The container closures must be sealed with pressure sensitive adhesive tape. If necessary, the shipping vehicles must be equipped with air conditioning or cool stores for the good conservation of fragile or perishable products.


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