How to choose a freight forwarder?

If you are in the business of import and export then you must understand the fact that choosing or changing a logistics partner can be a hard decision to make. Even more, when it comes to international transporters or freight forwarder selecting a right forwarder means choosing the right supplier, accountant, vendor or partner which can help you to make your business successful. Your freight forwarder always needs to be a trusted partner to fulfill your logistics needs. Although a quick Google search can show you that there is no shortage of companies which can help you in exportation. But keep in mind the fact that there is a huge difference between a good freight forwarder and any freight forwarder.

However, don’t you know how to choose the right freight forwarder for your business? Well, to help your company in finding the best option you must keep on reading this post.

Tips to choose the right freight forwarder

Here we have some of the best tips you can consider to make a better choice with ease.

Network of global agents

If you want to identify the financial strength, integrity, operational efficiency, authority and other similar factors then ask whether a freight forwarder is a member of any global agents’ network or trade associations. If the answer is yes, then there are higher chances that the freight forwarder will offer responsible and more professional services and will handle your shipment with care.

Range of services

Must understand the range of services which you can get from a freight forwarder company. It is a common fact that every business has some specific service requirements when it comes to shipping. So, while selecting a right freight forwarder make sure it offers the services you need.

Size of freight forwarder company

Size of the freight forwarder company is essential to understand whether your selected option is big enough to handle your company’s task or not. Also know the number of couriers contact they have. This is important to know because usually in peak seasons space become a problem and this can leave you in trouble if your chosen freight forwarder company is not big enough.

Communication level

This is the most important thing to know because in case of any problem or update you need to communicate your freight forwarder. So, this is highly important for you to know whether you will be given a personal contact number or you have to call the same service number and wait for long time to get a response. This will certainly help you to know whether your freight forwarder will help you on time or it will be nowhere when needed.

How a freight forwarder will manage your shipments?

This is an important question to ask. Because it will help you to know who will be your point of contact while submitting documents or coordinating the shipment. Even more, this will also let you know to whom you have to contact in case of a problem. This can also let you know whether there is one person who will be dedicated to handle your shipment from start to end or multiple people are going to handle your tasks with defined responsibilities.

Final thought

If you are new to international shipping then it might be tough for you to understand importance of freight forwarding. However, the fact is your international business success is heavily dependent on the selection of a right freight forwarder. Because a wrong selection can lead you to power management of logistics which can certainly deter your global business expansion. So, make sure to pay attention on above-mentioned factors to choose a right freight forwarder.

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