Electric Vehicles for Transport of Goods

Since the invention of the wheel, vehicles have evolved with time and demand. We went from manual power to steam engine, coal-powered and then petroleum-powered vehicles came in for our facilitation. In the next years, electric vehicles will dominate the roads, both for personal and industrial use.

Market gurus are now foreseeing a bright opportunity for electric vehicles for transport of goods in the coming years. New technology is under testing for electric trucks. If they succeed in it, they come with a bang and hold their market.

Let’s get to know more about this technology below!

Electric and Battery-Operated Truck Technology

This sustainable technology has two mediums where the truck is electrically operated on electrified roads but can be used as a hybrid truck on regular roads.
This gives another ease that in case of electricity cut down, the truck can still be operated either on gasoline or on a built-in battery.

Germany is all set to test electric trucks on regular motorways in regular traffic. For this, a separate electrified road lane has been designed. A pantograph power collector has been mounted on each testing truck. These trucks will receive electric energy trough these photographs.

Overhead power lines have been installed over the test road. These power lines will supply electric current to the vehicles.

Combustion Usage:

The other part is the use of combustion energy by the trucks in the absence of electricity supply. They can work like any normal hybrid vehicle when not connected to the power lines. That can be either by fuel or battery, depending on the manufacturer. It is best used when overtaking a vehicle or moving to another lane.
This feature is highly effective during heavy traffic.

Although these trucks cannot completely replace the conventional vehicles but can make their prominent place in the market. Let’s have a look at what benefits can these trucks provide and what problems can be faced.


Source: Scania

Pros of electric trucks:

Some benefits electric trucks will offer are:

Easy Transport of Goods

Transportation Industry will be highly benefited with this technology. Electric vehicles for transport of goods can travel long ways without any fuel break or any traffic issues. It will have separate dedicated electrified roads. When not using electric supply, they can also run on battery like any other vehicle.

Clean Environment

Environment industry highly supports the use of electric vehicles. Also, they are actively pressurizing the government to introduce this technology. Electric trucks are very environment-friendly as they do not have any combustive residue.
So, no more air pollution, peeps!

Resource Reserves

Our natural resources are depleting at a very high pace. We need to take effective steps to protect them for our future generations. Less use of fuel can be one move towards this cause.


The technology is being said to be cost-effective as it is less maintenance cost.

Cons of electric trucks

What about the other side of the coin? Although fewer, some problems we might face with electric trucks are as follows:

Technology Not Tested

We are not sure if they would actually not be short-lived again because the technology is still under testing.


It will weigh more if we install electronic engines and also batteries.

What Do We See Ahead for these electric vehicles?

Every year the regulations for introducing electric vehicles are getting more and more strict. Transporters and environmentalists have put great pressure in their favor, but still, they need to meet the regulation standards. More extensive testing and market analysis might prove to be helpful in their case. We hope to see electric trucks running on our roads soon.

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