Mission, vision, values.


Swiss Air & Road Cargo AG is a leading company in quality, safety, security, health and environment. With all this added value we want to offer an extensive range of transport solutions. Swiss Air & Road Cargo AG wants to become an international logistics service provider and a specialist within the niches we operate in: Dedicated cargo, pharma / healthcare cargo, all fresh cargo, general cargo and air freight cargo.


Our vision is to be a leading integrated logistics company in Europe and Switzerland.


Quality service
Punctuality and timeliness
Permanent innovation
Development of own staff on both personal and professional level
Ethical entrepreneurship and social responsibility

Our logistics customized services.

Thanks to our flexibility and an extensive network, Swiss Air & Road Cargo AG can offer you a complete service on the international market, supported by permanent partners as technical support. The main purpose of our Dedicated Cargo department is to provide international transports, ranging from a consignment unit to a full load or cargo.

This service is tailor-made for both small and large companies from various sectors such as the food industry (food, beverage and non-food, etc.), chemical sector (non-hazardous, ADR, etc.), pharma industry, paper, textiles, plants and construction sector, etc.


Swiss Air & Road Cargo Ag regards its customers as partners. By developing a "key-logistics" project together with the customer, Swiss Air & Road Cargo AG gives him a decisive competitive advantage in his sector and undeniable professionalism in managing his supply chain. This project development gives us the opportunity to continually analyse, evaluate and optimize processes. This working philosophy is propagated by motivated drivers, manual workers, office workers and managers who value partnership as a high priority. You will find the evidence in the relationship we have with our partners.

Environmental concept.

Through our Think Green Label we plan the shortest and most efficient route for the lowest fuel consumption with all the attention for the environment.

Fleet fully equipped with the latest Euro 5, Euro 6 & EEV standards.
Tautliners, refrigerated trucks are constantly treated according to the strictest standards in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.
The different locations make maximum use of photovoltaic panels.
Environmentally friendly forklifts in the warehouses.
Staff make use of carpooling.
Training in how to deal with the environment and learning new "green" habits with the staff.
Extra attention is paid to how we deal with food safety, legislation, temperatures, employees, procedures at certain customers, the environment and ethical conduct. The are the key elements.