Air transportation of perishable goods

Perishable goods are those that deteriorate in a short period of time and are susceptible to damage during transport. These products need specific environmental conditions to preserve their properties and arrive in perfect conditions for the final consumer.

Goods categorized as perishable include fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and dairy products, as well as flowers, pharmaceuticals, frozen products and chemicals.

It is important to know the requirements necessary to preserve the good condition of these products, taking into account factors such as time, isolation and storage temperature.

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Features of air transport of perishable goods

The transport of this type of freight requires a particular security and supervision measures. In fact, it is one of the logistic services that require the most control. For this reason, an Agreement on the International Transport of Perishable Goods and Special Vehicles used for this purpose (ATP) was approved in 1970 in Geneva.

Due to the fragility of perishable goods, the ATP agreement established four types of vehicles authorized for this type of product:

Isothermal vehicles: Built with walls, roof, doors and insulating floor, limiting the temperature exchange between inside and outside.

“Refrigerant” vehicles: Contain a cold source that allows to reduce the inside temperature to -20 degrees.

“Frigorifique” vehicles: They have a cold production device that allows decreasing and regulating permanently the temperature between -12 and -20 degrees.

Calorific vehicle: They allow raising and maintaining a constant temperature not lower than 12 degrees.

The transport of goods by air has been increasing in recent years due to globalization and electronic commerce. It allows more and more people to place orders from anywhere in the world and with the shortest shipping.

Among the advantages of this air freight transport route we find the wide geographical coverage, the speed of delivery time and the increasingly frequent transience which this type of shipments are made with.

The airports have a special center for the handling of perishable products, which has specialized and highly qualified personnel. It ensures the preservation of the ideal conditions of sensitive goods to perish at all times.

Exist at the same time, in the airports, three specific controls for the transport of perishable products: a phytosanitary control to verify that the goods are not contaminated by harmful organisms; a commercial quality control to verify that the goods conform to the commercialization norms and; control to protect threatened species from excessive exploitation, which affects their survival.

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