Air freight transport versus sea freight transport

Air and sea freight transport are the most common methods when we refer to international transport. Both transport routes have advantages and disadvantages depending on the particularities of each shipment.

Do you know which is more convenient according to the circumstances of each shipment? air or sea? air or ship? And remember that we are not talking about trips, but about logistics.

In this publication we explain in more detail which are the most propitious conditions to use the air or maritime transport of goods.

Advantages and disadvantages of air transport


The great benefits of air freight transport are its speed, ideal for short delivery times or urgent shipments. Another characteristic of air travel is its wide geographical coverage, due in part to the extensive network of airports.

It should also be noted that this is the safest means of transport, with very low accident rates.

Air transport is ideal when it comes to perishable products, pharmaceutical products, products sensitive to temperature changes and products of great value, due to the safety guaranteed by this type of transport.


In terms of disadvantages, probably the most notable is that this is a highly costly route, which is counterproductive balancing the company’s benefits and costs. On the other hand, aircraft capacity is rather limited in terms of cargo and volume. It should also be pointed that air transport does not admit certain types of goods, such as dangerous goods.

Advantages and disadvantages of maritime transport


The transport of goods by sea is mainly characterised by its low cost. This type of transport in turn admits a wide range of cargoes, from liquids, solids and gases, to dangerous goods (unlike the air transport). The weight and volume of the merchandise does not present any inconvenience either, being able to be transported through big containers or small packages.


On the other hand, there are several disadvantages to the means of maritime transport. The limited speed of ships is particularly noteworthy, which, together with possible port congestion, can slow down freight transport.

Another disadvantage of transport by sea is the large amount of waste and other pollutants generated and dumped into the sea, although this is changing with the imposition of new laws and the use of cleaner fuels.

It is also necessary to mention the need to use other means of transport that take the goods to the destination, which is usually not the port.

In conclusion, air transport is more convenient when immediacy and security are required and the shipments are not very bulky. On the other hand, sea transport is preferable for large shipments that are not in urgent need.

If you still have any questions about the most convenient means of transport for your shipments, visit our website and contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.


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