Air freight: Advantages and Disadvantages

When we talk about the transport of merchandise, the price of shipping methodis not the only problem to resolve. There are certain things which need to be considered such as urgency in delivery, cargo fragility, product type and other. All of these factors contribute a lot in your decision. However, when it comes to international trade, then air transport seems to be a beneficial option.

Advantages and disadvantages of air freight

Without a doubt, the air freight transport is the fastest method and one of the most recommended for certain types of products. However, depending on certain factors such as volume, we may find ourselves with limitations that advise against its use. To know more about this, have a look at details below:

Advantages of air freight

There are tons of benefits of preferring air transport for international trade. Some of these benefits are given below that you must know:

Speedy delivery

Air transport is the best option to deliver merchandise to longer distance but faster. When it comes to faster delivery, then no other option can substitute this method.

Enhanced safety

Shipping via air is not only quicker but also offers improved security. It will ensure less damage or theft threat. Ultimately, this shipment method comes up with lower risk degree.

Better option to deliver perishable goods

Air freight is the best option to send and receive items with lesser shelf life as this is the fastest delivery method we can consider.

Zero infrastructure requirements

For air freight you don’t need to manage any intensive requirements of tracks and ports constructions as in other shipment methods.

Arrival and departure reliability

Air transport services for your goods can make it easier to track your shipment. Even more, the departure and arrival services of aircrafts is scheduled and reliable. Therefore, sending your items via air freight will not cause a bigger delay.

Lesser packaging

Air freights need lesser packaging as compared to shipment via ocean. Ultimately, you can save your money and time required for packaging.

Send your cargo anywhere

Most of the airlines contain larger destinations networks which can make it super easier for you send your items almost anywhere all around the world.

Disadvantages of air freight

Here we have enlisted some of air freight disadvantages you need to know:

High costs

Air freight is the costliest freight forwarding solution. These higher rates make is unsuitable for items with lower cost.

Smaller capacity

As aircrafts come up with a specific load capacity which is very limited as compared to other freight forwarding means. Sometimes, it can be smaller to fulfill requirements.


Air freight can be a riskier transportation mode, because a smaller glitch can lead you to major loss. Even more, there can be a delay in schedule because weather conditions impact flights schedule badly.

Whenever the subject of moving your items comes up, the need of deciding your shipping method becomes necessary. Air transport for international trade has seen much advancements over the past decades. As with other shipment processes, a freight forwarding via air transport also contains some pros and cons. All the pros and cons mentioned above can let you have a better idea about when choosing an air freight can be better for you.

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